Art Commissions

Can DrawCan't Draw
(Some) Furry, and feralNSFW/NSFL/fetish
Anime CharasMachines/Vehicles/Guns

I require payment after sketch.I can decline a commission for any reason.I only accept payment with: PayPal (USD only), nitro gifts, and certain gift cards.

You need to have some sort of reference, unless you're commissioning me to design a character for you. Text descriptions for the entirety of the character are not accepted.I will send WIP screenshots for sketch, flat colors and shading. I won't continue until I receive an okay for each step.When completed, you will receive a transparent (if the commission has a flat background) version, a flat background with no watermark, and a version with a watermark.

Any additional character is +60% of the price of the full commissionI'll only draw a maximum of 4 characters in one illustration.Credit me for my work if you are posting it online.Commercial use is not allowed (eg. merch)I don't allow refunds, especially after starting the commission.Commissions, depending on circumstance, are usually finished within two weeks.


A drawing of a character drawn from shoulders up.

Flat $10, +$5 for shading


A drawing of a character drawn from the waist up.

Flat $25, +$5 for shading.


A full drawing of a character of your choice.

Flat $35, +$5 for shading.

Full Ref

A full reference of your character. Includes both a front and back reference. I can also add information under the name, like gender, likes/dislikes, etc.

$55. A shaded version can be provided for +$5.

Without the back view, it is $45.


Simple (Flat color)Free
Medium (Pattern/landscape BG)+$5
Complex (Landscape/Detailed Background)+$20

(Medium backgrounds have more empty space, or less fine detail than complex backgrounds. EX: this vs this.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask!